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Platonic Touch Therapy

In UTCT/Yielle Academy, a trained and vetted service powered by Cuddlist and scientific research.

Professional Cuddle Therapy

Professional Cuddle Therapy is one of the unique ways that Yielle Academy helps you “Yielle.” A Cuddle Therapy session reflects the qualities that set apart any experience Under The Chéri Tree from other “safe space” settings. Read more about how we do that below.

Where we learn to


To express truth or raise your voice with authenticity and power

Benefits At A Glance

A session can:

● Improve immunity
● Enhance mood,
● Serve as an energetic elixir for all patients, especially those with chronic medical conditions.
● Build self esteem
● Increase trust and self reliance
● Decrease anxiety and depression

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How It Ties In

A Cuddle Therapy session provides a unique opportunity for people to be brave and vulnerable enough to explore, identify, and voice their wants and needs in a safe space with a trained professional.

The heart and soul of a Cuddlist's work are in the powerful use of intentional boundary setting and communication around consent, and experiencing this kind of open dialogue in a therapeutic environment can be healing, educational, and boldly empowering.

Being guided and encouraged to ask for what you want and share your story is in direct alignment with Yielle Academy and our understanding of healing.

Chéri's Background

All Cuddlist touch practitioners are unique and come from diverse backgrounds both before and after they complete Cuddlist's basic training. Chéri, for example, brings with her a background in Music Therapy, having studied for four years at Molloy College (now Molloy University) and earned a B.S. in Music Therapy. Additionally, she has completed Erica Scott's Creating Consent Culture workshop training, further enhancing her capacity to foster healthy communication for clients. These modalities collectively equip practitioners with tools for delivering a trauma-informed practice to clients.

CTE serves those looking to work with Chéri Yielle in any creative capacity. 

How It Compliments Therapy

Cuddlist trains touch practitioners to work with the added elements of the nervous system and biochemistry to address common adjustment disorders within a safe interpersonal container.


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Mental Health

Cuddlist trains touch practitioners to work by harnessing the power of nurturing touch, taps into the release of oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone." This hormonal response mirrors the natural bonding that occurs between a parent and a newborn, where gentle touch fosters feelings of security and connection. In a platonic sense, cuddle therapy seeks to recreate this comforting dynamic, promoting a sense of safety and trust. The oxytocin release not only mirrors the parent-infant bond but also contributes to lowering cortisol levels, the stress hormone, creating a serene atmosphere conducive to reducing anxiety and enhancing overall mental well-being. This therapeutic approach offers a non-intrusive way to experience the profound effects of positive touch, akin to the nurturing connection between caregivers and infants. This connection between natural human behavior and professional care utilizes elements of the nervous system and biochemistry to address common adjustment disorders within a safe interpersonal container.

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