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The Therapeutic Expressionist

The Therapeutic Expressionist, Chéri Yielle, is based in NYC, New York. The soulful pop songstress uses storytelling and multi-modal applications of media and therapeutic training to cultivate a one-of-a-kind safe space of healing, authenticity, and excellence.

“Under The Cheri Tree” is the name for the community, services, and experiences spearheaded by Gabrielle “Chéri Yielle” Thomas that bring the soul of music forward to help everyone radiate light and find power in their truth. 

Our Truth Stands Strong


As storytellers, we push boundaries and design unique experiences with authentic voices. We foster an encouraging environment to create  a music that resonates with audiences and media worldwide. Our seeds of success are firmly rooted in the fertile soil of excellence.

UTCT breaks the monotony of Music Production by creating a forest full of diverse individuals and activities. Whether you are a seasoned musician looking to collaborate with Chéri Yielle, a new songwriter looking to expand your skills, or a music lover on a journey of self discovery, you can find support and value when you make a home Under The Chéri Tree.

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A beautiful, unique, creative, science-based modality Chéri incorporates to help individuals connect, heal, grow, and recharge to live a more fulfilling life 



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