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As storytellers, we push boundaries and design unique experiences with authentic voices. We foster an encouraging environment to create music that resonates with audiences and media worldwide. Our seeds of success are firmly rooted in the fertile soil of excellence.

We all have a story to Yielle. We’re here for you. 

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Inspired by the symbolic and literal function of trees, a safe space for freshness, healing, and interconnectedness.

Under The Cheri Tree | | Vibes

Under The Chéri Tree was created by Chéri Yielle as an atmosphere of healing, connection, and authentic sharing beyond the music. The vision originated as many childhood fantasies of comradery and joy amongst people based on humanity's love. Chéri's life lessons and education in Music Therapy cultivated an evolution in the vision that included a space to address the issues that challenge such a fantasy while holding space for people and music  to come together make it real. 

Chéri Yielle

Chéri Yielle, The Therapeutic Expressionist, is the a singer/songwriter with a passion for therapeutic work and advocacy. She's embodies boldness and gentleness in her sound and throughout her journey. Chéri aims to promote wellness and deeper human connection through her artistry and by providing access to education, support, and unique perspectives. 

Chéri Tree Entertainment

Chéri Yielle's parent production company that creates music production, content, and live experiences.

CTE serves those looking to work with Chéri Yielle in any creative capacity. 

Yielle Academy

Yielle Academy focuses on helping people YIELLE. This includes advocating for mental health. 

Using the Yielle Academy Library, individuals can find mindful courses,  inspiring stories, provocative ideas, personal perspectives from Chéri Yielle, high-quality content from a diverse group of creators. 

Professional Cuddle Therapy, trained by Cuddlist, is also facilitated as a feature of Yielle Academy. This service educates and advocates on issues of consent, boundaries, healing platonic touch, and the power of identifying one's needs and asking for what you want. 

UTCT Circles

UTCT Circles embody the origins of Under The Cheri Tree. Sometimes, they function similarly to a therapeutic support group while maintaining strong boundaries that protect a boldly intentional safe space.

Other times, they are focused on celebrating, processing particular issues, or sharing in-depth music experiences that empower everyone to tap into their truth. 

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Under The Chéri Tree

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 Access Yielle Academy’s content & Book monthly Professional Cuddle Therapy 

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