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To express truth or raise your voice with authenticity and power

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A. Coaching Programs (1 focused on artistic creativity and 1 alternative therapeutic practice)

B. A content library of original UTCT-style material to read at your own pace. The content is designed for wellness for the mind, body, and soul

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Yielle Academy

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Professional Cuddle THERAPY

Platonic Touch Therapy

YIELLE Stronger with

Coaching in Consent, Boundaries

& Asking For What You Want

One on One Coaching

Professional Cuddle Therapy is one of the unique ways that Yielle Academy helps you “Yielle”. Cuddlist is a company that provides training for individuals to learn how to hold space in a session for therapeutic platonic touch and conscious healthy communication to be used for emotional processing, education, rejuvenation, and restoring the human connection.

If you’re interested in booking a session for the first time, you can do so on Chéri’s profile by clicking the button below.

My Indie Coach Program


Voice, Instrument, & Music Theory Lessons 

With a Therapeutic Twist

One on One Coaching

Membership Levels & Packages Explained

Keep up with music, merch, performance, and content updates via Chéri Yielle’s mailing list

Discounts on merch, event tickets, and Yielle Academy 

Access to exclusive content

Everything “In The Circle” + Subscription-based access to Yielle Academy courses

An education-based subscripton to develop creativity while building skills and authentic confidence 

 Access Yielle Academy’s content & Book monthly Professional Cuddle Therapy 

A wellness-based subscription for emotional, social, and mental health 

 Access Yielle Academy’s content & Book monthly Professional Cuddle Therapy 

A subscription for those seeking deeper education & wellness from all areas Under The Cheri Tree

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We would love to learn about your hopes and needs to see how we can best support you on whatever journey you’re on. 

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