My Indie Coach
by Yielle Academy

Under The Cheri Tree 

Voice, Instrument, &, Artist &
Songwriting Development Lessons 


Experience the power of expressing your truth with Yielle Academy

What We Do

  • Storytelling
  • The Power Of Vulnerability 
  • Authentic Expression

Lessons via Zoom so that wherever you are with interent access, we can help you Yielle

In-person lessons customized for your success

Bring your My Indie Coach to your next recording session with you!  
 Get hands-on support related to your lessons while also getting a taste of how hiring a “vocal producer” can impact the strength of your record.

My Indie Coach: Getting You Performance-Ready and Audition-Confident for Your Big Moments


We openly and passionately share skills, techniques, and resources to support your growth. We know that learning is never inclusive with a one-size-fits-all approach.


A safe space that views you as a human being before a student or customer. We know that your journey and process as a creative is alongside who you are and how you thrive as a person.


In true UTCT fashion, we aim to foster empowerment, inspiration, and preparation toward you expressing your truth without shame or fear.

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